Transportation Work Group
Meeting Date: Tuesday 7/13/10  @  2pm
Meeting Location: Coalition for Clean Air
811 West 7th Street, LA, CA 90017  Ste. 1100
Located directly above the Metro Red/Blue Lines 7th Street Station

DRAFT July Agenda

1.     Introductions

2.     Updates

  • Living Streets Committee –
    o Tenets – revised  (Ryan?)
    o CD 14 Proposal (Ryan and Joe)
    o Boyle Heights Living Streets update (Ryan)
    o Parking Campaign Graphics Grant Proposal (Joe)
  • Bus-Only Lane Meeting – Report (Esperanza)
  • Taxi Workers Alliance (Sentayehu)
  • 2011 Measure R projects (Dorothy)

3.    New co-chair – election (Stephanie)

4.    SB 375 workshop – Preparation for a July 22nd meeting  (Jessica)

5.    Using Google Groups as a collaborative software to share documents (Stephanie)

6.    Member Forum/General Announcements

7.    Next Meeting – August 10th  or September 14th?

Handout – Green LA  Work Group Campaigns & Projects


Green LA Transportation Work Group (GLATWG)

Tuesday, May 11, 2-4PM
Coalition for Clean Air, Ste. 1100
*Metro Accessible 

  1. Introductions
  2. Working Group Conversation on Green LA Restructuring (Dorothy & Stephanie)
  3. Updates
  • Living Streets Committee – Ryan Lehman
  • Bus-Only Lane – Esperanza
  • Taxi Workers Alliance – ATS Contract and next steps- Betty/Silassie
  • Measure R

4. Member Forum/General Announcements

Action Items from last meeting that need follow up:

  • Measure R research  – Esperanza research if 2/3 votes can reallocate funds in Measure R (versus because it is state legislation, it can’t)
  • Living Streets Tenets Betty and Serena – review the tenets and did it address concerns of gentrification.  Stephanie will send it out tenets and preface (from about us) by email and pin down by next meeting.
  • Letter on Wilshire Bus Only Lane to CM Paul Koretz – if folks didn’t send this letter year, they should.  Sunyoung will send around sample again. 

It’s the second Tuesday of the month next week, so we’ll be hosting the regular monthly meeting of the Green L.A. Transportation Working Group.

NEW LOCATION: we’ll be meeting at the California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities at 1000 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.  It’s a block north of Union Station, so plenty of easy bus and rail access.

MEETING AGENDA – Green L.A. Coalition Transportation Work Group
Tuesday July 14th 2009, 2pm-4pm
Center for Healthy Communities

1. Update/Next Steps following Mayoral Meeting
A. Complete Streets
B. Bike/Ped Funding

2. LRTP check-in

3. Los Angeles Sustainablity Collaborative Introduction (Colleen Callahan)

4. Los Angeles Taxi Worker Alliance Introduction (Betty Hung)

5. Developing connections between GLATWG and Economic Development Community (Jen Petersen)

6. Measure R Update (speaker pending)

7. SB 375 update

8. Announcements

TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 9th 2PM-4PM
Green LA Transportation Working Group Meeting
@ Coalition for Clean Air
811 West 7th Street, Ste. 1100, LA 90017


1.)     Complete Streets Campaign Strategy

2.)     Mayor’s Meeting Review and Finalizing Asks

3.)     Communications
a.       Blog
b.       Googlegroup

4.)     Updates/Report Back
a.       Measure R
b.       LA Bike Plan
c.        SB 375
d.       Wilshire Bus-Only lanes

5.)     Announcements

6.)     Next Meeting Date