The Green L.A. Transportation Working Group is no longer in existence. This website remains available as an archive of some past initiatives.

GLATWG works to bring together various environmental and environmental justice organizations that work on transportation issues.  Some organizations involved in the past year have included: the Bus Riders Union, CalPIRG (California Public Interest Research Group,) the Coalition for Clean Air, Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange (C.I.C.L.E.), Environment Now, Illuminate L.A., L.A. County Bicycle Coalition, L.A. Walks, the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Transit Coalition, and the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute.

Our focus is on changing policies in the City of Los Angeles, though we sometimes work on broader issues that impact L.A.  As of December 2009, the committee is co-chaired by Dorothy Le and Jerard Wright, and staffed by Serena Lin and Stephanie Taylor.

For information on GLATWG, email our blog webmaster  linton.joe {at}


2 Responses to “About Green L.A. Transportation Working Group”

  1. I am a staff memeber, and bicycle enthusiast. Safe bike lanes in the San Fernando Valley are an important quality of life issue to me, and to Cal State Northridge Transportation Planning Committee. Please keep us informed.
    Thanks, Randy

  2. […] Jan Perry, the Coalition for Clean Air, and the Green LA Transportation Working Group have all submitted letters in support of our efforts, in tandem with all the work the bicycle […]

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