Wilshire Boulevard - one of the highest volume bus lines on the planet - photo LA Wad via L.A. Streetsblog

Since the formation of the Green L.A. Transportation Working Group five years ago, one of our top priorities has been the implementation of Bus-Only Lanes (BOL)in the city of Los Angeles. Bus-Only lanes are a very low cost, very effective way of increasing mobility, including increasing transit speed and capacity.

At that time, it appeared that the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane project implementation was just around the corner… but the project has dragged on and on. Finally, it’s now imminent (at least it’s funded and the environmental review is about to be approved – construction may drag it out a bit more), and there’s a lot of resistance from some anti-bus homeowners along Wilshire near Westwood.

Green L.A. Transportation Working Group’s Bus Riders Union representative Esperanza Martinez passed along the following action alert in support of implementing the full bus lane project:

Hello GLA friends, members and allies,

Many of you have been an important part of our fight to make the Wilshire Bus Only Lanes project a reality! All the way from fighting to protect the initial one mile thru the DEIR process and now what we should be the last round before we make it home safe to a full 8.7 mile implementation!! Read the rest of this entry »