Green LA Transportation Work Group (GLATWG)

Tuesday, May 11, 2-4PM
Coalition for Clean Air, Ste. 1100
*Metro Accessible 

  1. Introductions
  2. Working Group Conversation on Green LA Restructuring (Dorothy & Stephanie)
  3. Updates
  • Living Streets Committee – Ryan Lehman
  • Bus-Only Lane – Esperanza
  • Taxi Workers Alliance – ATS Contract and next steps- Betty/Silassie
  • Measure R

4. Member Forum/General Announcements

Action Items from last meeting that need follow up:

  • Measure R research  – Esperanza research if 2/3 votes can reallocate funds in Measure R (versus because it is state legislation, it can’t)
  • Living Streets Tenets Betty and Serena – review the tenets and did it address concerns of gentrification.  Stephanie will send it out tenets and preface (from about us) by email and pin down by next meeting.
  • Letter on Wilshire Bus Only Lane to CM Paul Koretz – if folks didn’t send this letter year, they should.  Sunyoung will send around sample again.