Agenda for Tuesday August 11th Meeting

11 August 2009

Green L.A. Coalition Transportation Work Group meets later today (mark your calendars – we meet from 2pm-4pm the second Tuesday of each month):

Tuesday, August 11th
Coalition for Clean Air
(811 West 7th Street, Ste. 1100, LA 90017) (in Downtown Los Angeles, above Metro Red and Blue Lines’ 7th Street Station)
Revised Draft Agenda
1. Complete Streets (Update and Planning, 30 minutes)
2. Metro Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Board Meeting Update (quick, 5 minutes)
3. Meeting with Deputy Mayor de la Vega (discussion, 15 minutes)
4. Bus Only Lane updates (Bus Riders Union, 20 minutes)
5. SB 375 – Beth Steckler/Climate Plan update (quick presentation, discussion 20 minutes)
6. Parking Policy (update, 5 minutes)
7. Park(ing) Day (quick discussion, 10 minutes)
8. National Infratsructure Bank (update, 5 minutes)


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